39 weeks or 273 days or 6,552 hours or 393,120 minutes or 23,587,200 seconds.

My work reflects the process of archiving the often devalued routine of motherhood and accentuates the structure that informs the language and imagery used when considering the significance of the care economy. The work accentuates my innate desire to cling to both the materials and objects that emphasize the necessity of letting go. Mundane objects transform into relics through small yet significant manipulations that change how we preserve our most precious yet fleeting moments and memories. My practice highlights an otherwise invisible communication between mother and child through archiving the abstraction and sentimentality of familiar daily rituals. By focusing on the labor of motherhood, as emphasized through the collection of recognizable objects and imagery, I begin to viscerally relate the abstract nature of care to the unpredictable nature of time and place. I cling to the now discarded objects, the relics of their smallness. I save them, I honor them, I cut them apart, I put them back together, I coat them, I encapsulate them. I line them up proudly like trophies; awarding myself the permission to long for the times I once prayed would go by faster; monuments to motherhood.