Brood Maker Front

 May 1 to May 31 / Metro Gallery 250 / Philadelphia, PA

The colloquialism “baby making machine” brings forth ideas of 1950s suburbia, aprons, kitchen floors and bare feet. In Brood Maker, Peoples and Gilmore have blown these ideas up and out, literally. The artists have constructed an immersive, inflated sculptural installation which addresses what it means to mechanize gestation.

Gilmore and Peoples have been working together since summer 2014 to create this exhibition, the idea born out of a shared human experience. Peoples has been working with the theme of “man as machine” for many years. Her sculpture called Baby Making Machine from 2012 was a piece assembled from found objects spray painted a monochromatic peachy skin-tone color and was the impetus for Brood Maker.

These two artists are examining what a woman becomes (or already is) when her body builds another life. Gilmore and Peoples have approached the work from multiple viewpoints, researching and exploring both the personal and philosophical as they explore this idea. They take interest in the process and stages of pregnancy, from the microscopic biological factors to the socially constructed place a woman holds as a result of her ability to give birth.

-Bailey Chick, Curator

OPENING RECEPTION: First Friday, May 1,  6pm- 8pm

Metropolitan Gallery 250 

250 S. 18th Street Unit 102

Philadelphia, PA